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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to complete a service?

Our service durations vary based on the complexity of the task. Simple tasks might be completed on the same day, while larger projects may take more time. We’ll provide an estimated timeline during the consultation.

Do you offer 24/7 service?

Yes, we offer emergency services 24/7 to address urgent issues that require immediate attention, ensuring your safety and convenience.

Do I need to book your services in advance?

While we accept both scheduled appointments and emergency calls, booking in advance allows us to better plan our schedule and provide you with a more convenient service time.


Do you provide annual service contracts?

Yes, we offer annual maintenance contracts tailored to your needs. These contracts can provide you with regular check-ups and priority service, ensuring your property remains well-maintained.

Can you handle small jobs like hanging artwork or shelves?

Absolutely, we are here to assist with tasks of all sizes. From hanging artwork to assembling furniture, our handyman services cover a wide range of household needs.

Can you fix radiators and other heating systems?

Yes, our skilled technicians are experienced in handling various heating system repairs, including radiators. We’ll ensure your heating systems are functioning efficiently to keep your home comfortable.



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